BTCBear eCode API is available!

Dear BTCBear users!.

We are pleased to present BTCBear ecode API
All exchange services can using the API need to implement.
Generate an API key's in your Profile: (Public Key) or (Private Key)
After created new API key's, Please keep your private key in a safe place. We will not display it again.
Deposit BTCBear ecode:
Deposit ecode History:
Generate BTCBear ecode:
Generated ecode History:
BTCBear Bitcoin Developer Team

New feature! BTCBear ecode!

Dear BTCBear exchange users

We are happy to announce new great feature on trading platform, BTCBear eCode system
Money transfer using BTCBear Codes is available now

Since our launch, we have been able to expand our business to offer new products and serve the ever-growing needs of our clients. Here at BTCBear, we are pleased to offer these services to those who view Bitcoin as an important investment for their futures

BTCBear codes used by an encryption algorithm combination of letters, numbers, or special symbols greatly, for example, xTw8d-D8fx7-dBb88-7cDG9, which allow you to send USD and EUR to other users

BTCBear code are non-refundable in case of exchange through third party services or users
The user assumes all risks associated with the exchange of BTCBear codes with third parties
What are benefits of using BTCBear code:
- Transfer funds between BTCBear users without a commissions/Fee (there are no fees to send or receive USD & EUR between BTCBear account)
- Quick availability of funds, within 1-2 sec of initiating the transfer

To generate a coupon, use Funding > BTCBear ecode (Menu) > Generate Redeem Code > and select "USD or EUR" in dropdown box > Add your amount > Click to "Generate Redeem Code". You can see BTCBear code in right side box "History - Generated codes
To redeem a coupon(Deposit from BTCBear code way in your account), use Funding > BTCBear ecode (Menu) > Deposit Redeem Code > Enter your code and Click to Deposit Redeem Code
Done! Money has been charged successfully to your BTCBear account!

Thank you for choosing BTCBear Bitcoin Exchange
BTCBear Bitcoin Exchange Team

Have a happy Christmas with 0.05% Trading fees!

Dear members.

Great special offer on new year's holidays - To celebrate the new 2016 year, BTCBear is reducing trade fees! What are the new fees?
Trading fee goes as low to 0.05% for those who register until 01/01/2016
The 0.05% trading fee will be effective for the month of January-February-March, after which we will be implementing a normally fee structure to 0.2%>.
To review the new fee structure, please check the following link to our site. Questions or feedback?
If you have any questions or feedback about the new fee structure, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at

Thank you for choosing BTCBear Bitcoin Exchange.
BTCBear Bitcoin Exchange Team
We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Perfect Money Withdrawal and Deposit Fee Decreased!

Dear members

We have decreased the Perfect Money deposit fee to 0% and decreased withdrawal fee to 1%
Also we try to keep the fees as low as possible on the BTCBear market

BTCBear Exchange Team


Dear members.

After few months of testing software we are glad to announce that Bitcoin exchange has been opened and running with powerful and secure platform and .
The list of deposit and withdrawal options and fee's are currently available on this link:

Including any future facilities included in the trading panel, trading algorithm, payment methods etc.

Verified accounts may withdrawal unlimited USD and EUR or 200 Bitcoins or 10,000 Litecoins per 24-hour period, While unverified accounts are limited in the amount of funds they can withdraw 10 Bitcoins and 500 Litecoins per day.
We wish successful trading to everyone!